Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 11 pp 4699—4713

Hsa_circ_0063804 enhances ovarian cancer cells proliferation and resistance to cisplatin by targeting miR-1276/CLU axis


Figure 1. Circ_0063804 expression in OC patients was up-regulated. (A) Circ_0063804 expression in tumor tissues of OC patients was aberrantly increased than that in normal tissues. (B) The stable circle structure of circ_0063804 was confirmed by using RNase R. (C) High circ_0063804 expression indicated low survival rate of OC patients. (D) Circ_0063804 expression in human OC cell lines was significantly higher than that in human ovarian epithelial cell line. ** P < 0.01. *** P < 0.001. OC: ovarian cancer.