Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19415—19441

Development and validation of an intra-tumor heterogeneity-related signature to predict prognosis of bladder cancer: a study based on single-cell RNA-seq


Figure 3. Establishment of HRS. (A) 96 of 2075 cell marker genes were significantly correlated with MATH. (B, C) GO functional annotation (B) and KEGG pathway enrichment (C) of the 96 genes. (D, E) 10 crucial gene-pairs correlated with OS were identified via Lasso-Cox regression. (F) 8 of 10 gene pairs were included in the prognostic model by multivariate Cox analysis with stepwise. (G) The expression values of 13 genes comprising the 8-gene-pair signature in 14 cell subpopulations. (H) The mutational rates of the 13 genes in different stages in BCa. The size of the bubble represented the mutational rates in all samples.