Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19375—19396

THBS4/integrin α2 axis mediates BM-MSCs to promote angiogenesis in gastric cancer associated with chronic Helicobacter pylori infection


Figure 7. Integrin α2 mediates the effect of paracrine THBS4 signaling on the migration and tube formation of HUVECs. (AC) Western blotting and IF showed that integrin α2 in HUVECs was significantly increased by rTHBS4. n= 3 wells per group. (D) Representative images of the migration assay after rTHBS4, rTHBS4 + anti- α2 or anti- α2 treatments in HUVECs. n= three independent experiments. (E) Representative images of the tube formation assay after rTHBS4, rTHBS4 + anti-α2 or anti-α2 treatments in HUVECs. n= 3 wells in each group. (F) Quantification of D. (G) Quantification of E. (H) CCK-8 assay to detect HUVEC proliferation after rTHBS4, rTHBS4 + anti-α2 or anti-α2 treatments. n= three independent experiments.