Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10659—10671

Anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol attenuates the severity of diabetic neuropathy by activating the Nrf2 pathway


Figure 7. (A, B) Quantification by Western blot analysis showed that Nrf2 decreased in the Nrf2-/-+STZ+Vehicle and Nrf2-/-+STZ+Resveratrol nerve, compared with WT+STZ+Resveratrol mice at 12 weeks after STZ injection (n = 3 nerves for each group, each nerve was repeated 3 times, data are represented as the mean ± SEM). (C, D) Mechanical nociceptive thresholds: ordinates represent the filament weight (0.1g) in which the animal responds in of presentations. Thermal nociceptive threshold: the axis of ordinates represents the time (seconds) the animal takes to withdraw its paw. (2 weeks after STZ induction, mice were treated with Resveratrol or Vehicle (DMSO), n = 10 mice for each group, data are represented as the mean ± SEM).