Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10058—10074

Gut microbiota from mice with cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury affects the brain in healthy mice


Figure 8. Study design. On day -8, the model of repeated global cerebral ischemia was induced by BCCAO. On day -3 to day 0, the BCCAO mice fecal samples for colonization were prepared. Germ-free mice were colonized with BCCAO mice or control mice microbiota on day 1 of the experiment. Fecal pellets were collected on days 15 and 29. The open-field test (OFT) was performed on day 13, the nest building test (NBT) on day 14, the Morris water maze test on days 18-23, and the novel object recognition test (NOR) on days 24 and 25. The mice underwent MRI on days 26, 27, or 28.