Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9948—9959

Evaluation of gliomas peritumoral diffusion and prediction of IDH1 mutation by IVIM-DWI


Figure 2. Images (AH) correspond to a 37-year old female with LGG (WHO grade II, IDH1mut). Images (IP) correspond to a 47-year old male with HGG (WHO grade IV, IDH1wt). (A, I) The T1 image; (B, J) The T2 image; (C, K) The T2WI image; (D, L) The T1WI+C image; (E, M) The CBF map; (F, N) The D map; (G, O) The D* map; (H, P) The f map. (true diffusion coefficient: (D) perfusion-related diffusion coefficient: D*; perfusion fraction: f; cerebral blood flow: CBF).