Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8611—8619

Long noncoding RNA LINC01638 contributes to laryngeal squamous cell cancer progression by modulating miR-523-5p/BATF3 axis


Figure 3. LINC01638 was the sponge for miR-523-5p. (A) Subcellular location of LINC01638 was analyzed by qRT-PCR. (B) Luciferase reporter assay identified that LINC01638 may be the sponge for miR-523-5p. (C) Predicted binding site and mutated binding site in LINC01638. (D) Luciferase reporter assay was performed. (E) RIP assay was conducted to examine the interaction between LINC01638 and miR-523-5p. (F) Relative expression of miR-523-5p was measured after LINC01638 knockdown. (G) Negative correlation was observed between LINC01638 and miR-523-5p expression in LSCC tissues. *P<0.05.