Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8563—8587

A novel panel based on immune infiltration and tumor mutational burden for prognostic prediction in hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 5. Weighted Gene Co-expression Network Analysis and screening of immune infiltration and prognostic genes. (A) WGCNA modules related to immune infiltrating cells. Different color represented different modules and correlation was displayed by heatmap. (B) Screening of genes associated with immunity and prognosis in the blue module. (C) Forest plot shows multivariate regression results and genes that potentially incorporated into the TMB-IF panel. WGCNA, weighted gene co-expression network analysis; TMB-IF, TMB infiltration. Tr1, type 1 regulatory cells; Th2, Type 2 T helper cells; Th17, Type 17 T helper cells; Tfh, Follicular helper T cells; MAIT, Mucosal-associated invariant T cells; DC, Dendritic cells; Tgd, Gamma-delta T cells.