Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8248—8275

Transcriptome profiling reveals target in primary myelofibrosis together with structural biology study on novel natural inhibitors regarding JAK2


Figure 6. (A) Chemical structure of novel compound ZINC000004099068 selected from virtual screening. (B) Schematic drawing of inter-molecular interaction of the computed binding modes of ZINC000004099068 with JAK2. (C) Visualization of interactions between ligands and JAK2 (ZINC000004099068-JAK2 complex). The surface of binding area as well as active binding sphere were added. Blue represented positive charge, red represented negative charge and active binding sphere was shown as red region. Inhibitor was displayed in sticks, together with the structures around ligand-receptor junction were displayed in thinner sticks. (D) Mutual interactions between ZINC000004099068 and JAK2 under non-solvent environment after molecular dynamics simulation. The red circle showed chemical bonds existed in this complex. (E) Hydrogen bond heatmap in the progression of molecular dynamics. (F) Different kinds of energy values of ZINC000004099068-JAK2 complex. (G) Average backbone RMSD of ZINC00004099068-JAK2 complex. RMSD, root-mean-squared-deviation.