Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 6 pp 8055—8067

Silencing SIX1 by miR-7160 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer cell growth


Figure 6. Forced miR-7160 overexpression silences SIX1 and inhibits NSCLC xenograft growth in mice. The pCan-1 NSCLC cells were inoculated thorough s.c. injection to SCID mice (n=7 per group). Within three weeks tumor xenografts were established (Day-0), with tumor volume around 100 mm3. NSCLC xenografts were intratumorally injected with either lv-pre-miR-7160 or lv-miRC. Tumor volumes (A) and mouse body weights (D) were recorded every 7 days. At Day-7, one NSCLC tumor xenograft per group was isolated, each tumor was randomly cut into five small pieces (n=5, for B, C), and expression miR-7160 (B) and SIX1 mRNA (C) in tumor lysates tested by qPCR. The relative expression miR-7160 (E) and SIX1 mRNA (F) in NSCLC cancer tissues (“T”) and paired surrounding normal lung epithelial tissues (“N”) was shown. Data were presented as mean ± SD, and results normalized. * p< 0.05 vs. lv-miRC control tumors (AC) or “N” tissues (D, E).