Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 9 pp 2338—2355

Antioxidant modifications induced by the new metformin derivative HL156A regulate metabolic reprogramming in SAMP1/kl (-/-) mice


Figure 6. Histological features of the kidneys of HL156A-treated SAMP1/kl-/- mice. (A, B) Changes in glutathione and FOXO1 levels in the kidneys of HL156A-treated SAMP1/kl-/- mice (original magnification x40 or x200). (C) Representative sections were labeled with von Kossa stain. Photomicrographs of kidneys of SAMP1/kl-/- and HL156A- or nicotinamide (NAC)-treated SAMP1/kl-/- mice. Kidney tissue sections were evaluated using von Kossa staining to identify calcium deposits.