Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 3 pp 224—234

Epigenetic bystander-like effects of stroke in somatic organs


Figure 5. Altered expression of miRNAs, microRNA target proteins and microRNAome machinery in the kidney tissue of control and stroked rats. (A) Hierarchical clusters of differentially expressed miRNA genes in the kidney tissue of control and stroked rats (as determined by t-test). (B) Fold changes of miRNA expression as measured by both microarray and qRT-PCR. (C) Levels of miRNA targets PTEN, AKT1 and P27. (D) Levels of miRNA processing enzymes DICER and AGO2. Protein levels relative to those of control animals are shown as the means ± SD, ±significant, p < 0.05, Student's t-test. Representative western blots from among three technical repeats are shown.