Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 9 pp 555—566

Adult-onset, short-term dietary restriction reduces cell senescence in mice


Figure 3. DR decreased lipid peroxidation in liver. (A) Representative 4-HNE immunohistochemistry in small intestine from AL (left) and DR(right) mice. Brown: 4-HNE staining; blue: nuclei. (B) Representative 4-HNE images from centrilobular areas in liver. Brown: 4-HNE, Blue: nuclei. Arrows indicate examples of positive cells. (C) Frequencies of 4-HNE-positive hepatocytes in periportal and centrilobular areas of liver. Data are mean±S.E.M. * p<0.05, n=5 animals/group. (D) Co-localisation of γ-H2A.X (green) and 4-HNE (red) in AL liver. Representative image, double immunofluorescence, cryosection. Cells with nuclei (DAPI, blue) positive for γ-H2A.X are marked by arrows. Cells were scored as either single positive (H2AX+ HNE - or H2A.X- HNE +), double positive (H2A.X+ HNE+) or double negative (H2A.X- HNE -). Data are from four animals from the AL group.