Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 9 pp 555—566

Adult-onset, short-term dietary restriction reduces cell senescence in mice


Figure 1. DR reduced frequencies of senescent hepatocytes and intestinal crypt enterocytes. (A) Frequencies of γ-H2A.X positive enterocytes per crypt, immunohistochemistry on paraffin sections. ** p<0.005. (B) Correlation between sen-β-Gal and γ-H2A.X positive enterocytes (p=0.002). Data points are means per animal (DR: pink; Al: blue). Linear regression (solid line) and 95% confidence intervals (dashed lines) are given. (C) Representative images (left) and quantitative evaluation (right) of PCNA and γ-H2A.X double immunofluorescence of intestinal crypts from AL and DR mice. Blue: DAPI; red: γ-H2A.X; green: PCNA. (D) Representative images of γ-H2A.X immunohistochemistry in livers from AL (left) and DR (right) mice. Examples of centrilobular (top) and periportal (bottom) areas are shown. CV: central vein; PV: portal vein. Boxed areas are shown at higher magnification. Arrows indicate nuclei containing γ-H2A.X foci (red). (E) Quantification of γ-H2A.X positive hepatocytes. * p<0.05. (F) Representative images for sen-β-Gal activity. Pink: nuclei; blue: cytoplasmic sen-?-Gal staining. All data are from 5 animals/group, mean±S.E.M.