Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 9 pp 567—581

Klotho interferes with a novel FGF-signalling pathway and insulin/Igf-like signalling to improve longevity and stress resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans


Figure 5. Klotho requires a functional EGL-17/EGL-15 signalling pathway to improve oxidative stress resistance by a daf-16-dependent but daf-2-independent genetic pathway. Adult worms of the indicated genotype were pre-induced to either klotho or control RNAi at 20°C, then subjected to oxidative treatment by 25mM Menadione during 72 h and their viability scored. Controls were performed in the absence of Menadione. Results are mean values +/- SD of at least four independent experiments. Statistical analysis was done by a Student t-test at *p < 0.05 signification level. At least 100 worms were scored for each test condition. All experiments were performed at 20°C.